Lauren Park – Looking Outwards – 12

The artists both display abstract visuals for sounds and songs. For Julien Bayle’s “ALPHA”, I really appreciate the ragged line drawings that take on black and white visuals. Julien Bayle also seemed to have used algorithmic sequencing to construct not only the visual, but also the sounds. This artist seemed to successfully create very different, complex 2D and 3D shapes that match the beats of the sounds, but could have used these complex shapes to form a more interesting narrative that happens throughout the piece.

For Cody Courmier’s piece (“Abstract Visual Sound”), I appreciate the simple shapes and colors used for the song “Tangerines”. All these shapes and movements seem more animated and less randomized, compared to Julien Bayle’s work. There seems to be a clear beginning and finish to the piece, as if it was to visually act as an introduction to something, such as an ad, rather than to just provide visuals for the song. Overall, I think for this piece the theme could have been more specified to revolve around the mood of the song, but seemed to flow better in rhythm. 

“ALPHA”(2014) by Julien Bayles
“Abstract Visual Sound”(2015) by Cody Courmier

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