Shannon Ha – Project 12 – Proposal

For my final project, I want to do something with sounds, more specifically, iconic sounds that we are accustomed to hearing through our daily usage of technology (think Apple startup sound, Intel sound, Netflix sound, Wii sound etc.). I want to create some sort of sound remix game that allows players to randomly press on keys to play the iconic sounds while some sort of interactive graphic related to the company that owns the sound will be displayed (kind of like Patatap). Another idea I have is to make a sound matching game where players have to match trimmings of iconic sounds to each brand/company that it is associated with by clicking on keys that will be linked to each brand/company. I don’t actually know if I am allowed to use these sounds (if there are copyright issues or not), so my final project will very much depend of which of these sounds I will be able to find free sourcing for.

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