Angela Lee – Project 12 – Final Project Proposal

(Using a grace day :))

For my final project, I plan on creating a short animation personifying the Earth (as Mother Earth) and, through her, showing an aspect of the climate crisis. For instance, I found the flood map for 2050 particularly sad, so I might show her losing land mass and being surrounded by rising levels of sea water. I want to personify the earth because I think that seeing the emotions on their face will inspire more empathy, and because I personally love playing with character illustrations. I am fascinated by different illustration styles, but for this project, I would love to explore a simple illustration style with an interesting color palette through the aesthetics of my project. I anticipate animating the water level to be a challenge to get it to look natural and convincing.

A sketch of what it might look like. I have to decide where to show the water level (up to her face, or just up to her neck, etc.) I’d like to play with strokes or even turtle graphics to show the water.

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