Victoria Reiter – Final Project Proposal

For my final project I’d like to do something that would be personally intimate to me and that I can add onto throughout time and go back to and reminisce on.

That’s why for my final project I would like to design an interactive personalized map of the places I’ve been!

In my room I have a map with little pins sticking out in different colors– yellow for my “home bases” (Pittsburgh and Rochester), blue for the countries I’ve been, purple for places where I have friends, green for weird places my plane has made emergency stops haha, and red for the destination I will go to next.

I want to create something colored in a similar but simplifies way, where when the mouse clicks on a certain region it will pop up with a picture from when I was there and a description of when I went/the place/etc. // a picture and description written by a friend from that place.

My map proposal — the first picture is the map with different shadings, the second is what it would look like upon clicking a certain country, for example

I think this would be a cool way to share with people where I’ve been, as well as serve as a small ribbon connecting the people all over the world who I’ve met.

Final Proposal, Erin Fuller

As a kid I always loved maze puzzles; there was even a point in early middle school where I would spend hours not paying attention to school and create my own mazes on graph paper and come back a week or two later to try to solve them. Because I was creating them I had some underlying logic that I was unconsciously implanting, so I solved them pretty quick.

For my final project, I want to create a program that randomly generates a maze that users can solve. I think this would be done with turtle graphics or some sort of recursion algorithm. If time permits, I would like to add animation to the users’ progress in completing the maze and possibly sound.

Image result for simple maze
Simple Maze Graphic

Sarah Yae – Final Project Proposal – Section B

For my final project, I will be creating an interactive computer keyboard instrument, similar to the example project, “Patatap”. “Patatap” seems like it uses a lot of mellow sounds, creating a very chill atmosphere, when one creates music with the keyboard. However, for my project, I want the sounds to be more EDM (Electronic Dance Music) focused, by having drum beats and boom effects. Originally, since I love makeup and beauty blogging, I wanted to do an interactive makeup game, where a user would give a character a makeover. However, I also love EDM and I thought “Patatap” was pretty cool (I couldn’t stop playing around with it). For some sound ideas, I would extract the sound from some of my favorite EDM like Whiplash by R3HAB, You & Me Remix by Flume, Thief by Ookay, Ghost by Jauz, and the list goes on. I would use Audacity to extract sound for each key, so I would have to extract about 26 different sounds, which would be played with a certain animation.

EDM Music Maker

Jisoo Geum – Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I want to incorporate music’s ability to manipulate emotions and create a program that directs users to the music of their ‘current mood’. Although there are many apps that have similar features, I wanted to make my own version that increases the interaction between music, color, and emotions. Also, I will be adding animations in my program.

*The structure may change depending on how much storage the program can take*

*I will be attempting to link Spotify play button into the pages to avoid storing large music files in my zip. If it doesn’t work, I will follow the description below*

The program will have 7 different directory pages, each containing up to 5 (or more if the program can take more) songs. To minimize the storage size, I will be cutting the length of each song.

The main page will contain two semi-transparent blobs intersecting with each other. Clicking the blue blob (sadness) will direct the user to a new page with three other blob buttons. Each blob buttons are assorted with a different purpose. For example, one of the blobs is a button that directs the user to the final page that plays music with a simple animation that sympathizes with his/her sadness. Pressing the S button will shuffle the music in the array of songs.

Clicking the other blobs on the main page will also do similar things.

*Since the blobs are very specific to certain feelings and lack at the variety, I will try to map the intensity of emotions in gradient colors. However, this is only workable if I can link the songs to Spotify.*


Carley Johnson PP

Currently, the idea for my project is a platform-based game. To create a comparison, it would be something like the IOS game Doodle Jump. There are things this game MUST have and things that, if time permits me, I’d LIKE it to have. For me the game must have randomly generating platforms, a vertically scrolling screen, keypad controls for an icon, good bounce physics for the icon, and the ability to detect when the player falls off the screen to restart the game. What I might like to add to the game eventually is some sort of extra obstacle- an enemy to avoid that flies in the air, or an object that can be collected. I might I also like to add a “you lose” type screen that displays the number of platforms jumped on, and the ability to start a new game when the keyboard is pressed. The second drawing (the “or”) is the possibility, if I find this too difficult, to instead do a vertical scrolling game wherein you must roll an icon down the screen and avoid being squished. A goal of mine for this project is also for the game to just be aesthetically pleasing. I’m not a designer, but I want this game to LOOK very sweet because I think design is really important when it comes to art, or specifically interactive art. Obviously, a prior project to look at is the original game Doodle Jump, as well as many, many knock off games (fast follows). There is another indie point-and-click story based game, however, whose aesthetic is more that of the game I want to create. Night in the Woods is quirky and beautiful, with great, great color palettes, and also very nice physics when it comes to characters running and jumping. This is the look I’m going for.