Austin Garcia – Project 12 – Final Project Proposal – Group C

I am and have always been interested in games, and have found myself understanding concepts in this class most easily though drawing connections to fundamental functions of various games I have played throughout my life. The particular strengths of P5.js that I have learned about clearly can work nicely toward creating a simple browser game, and that is what I intend to make. I would like to make a puzzle game, utilizing a geometry centered on the mouse that the player must move through a shifting maze in order to beat the game. I got the idea from an indie game that came out a while ago called ‘PUSS’. This game is remarkable both in its puzzle mechanics as well as visuals. I would love to explore both puzzle mechanics and visual style as it relates to a puzzle through this project and hopefully make something that is enjoyable to play.

Author: Austin Garcia

5th year Architecture Student

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