final project proposal – ilona altman

sketch of the text changing placement over time / pages
Drawing of website in which the generative text is contained

For this final project, I would really like to work with generative text. I am interested in working with books that are already in the public domain, and instead of using my program to generate new text or rearrange old text, I want to use my program to specify where the letters should exist on the page. I would like the letter placement to reflect ecological data on the rising temperatures due to the climate crisis. I would like to create a reconstruction of a cultural artifact / book where ever page signifies another year into the future, and the letters y placement slowly increases according to the amount of degrees the temperature in the place that book was written will rise. I am interested in the fragility of human existence and human culture, and how all of human memory and collective history is threatened by the climate crisis.. I want to display this vulnerability with this modified version of a book.

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