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A Day in the Life of Americans is a data visualization project that tracks how 1,000 Americans spend their time throughout the day. This visualization runs for 24 hours starting at 4AM and uses moving dots to show how people move from different activities. I was liked this project because it is a simple but informative way to present how Americans race from one thing to the next. This project was created by Nathan Yau and he used the American Time Use Survey to collect his data before creating a model of time-varying Markov chain visual. It is unknown whether Yau created the data visual from scratch or with the help of commercial software. Yau also researched how American spends their time compared to you, the viewer, and what people spend their time on depending on sex and age. From a marketing and advertisment stand point, this data provides insights into possible consumers’ likes, dislikes and interests. Marketing materials have the potential to be targeted to specific groups of people. 

A Day in the Life of Americans by Nathan Yau

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