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An image showing how tune table works.

The project related to computer music I chose to focus on is called Tune Table produced by a group of researchers Anna Xambo and Brigid Drozda. Tune Table is a tabletop, game like interface that is meant to teach users computer science related topics by allowing them to program their own musical compositions. Using blocks of code that utilize computer science elements like loops, users combine the blocks to make unique songs; when each block of code is placed on the table, cameras under the table interpret the block’s imprint on the bottom and output auditory and visual feedback. I like this project’s goal of utilizing music to teach computer science because it’s a fun way to learn something that is very mathematics based. I think the creator’s original goal of finding a link between computer science and musical outputs was achieved. The link to the paper describing the work can be found here.

Video showing how Tune Table works.

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I am a third year architecture student.

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