Curran Zhang-Looking Outwards-1

Arts created from the hands of Toshiya Masuda are intended to allow people to think about the existence of his art through the cognitive assumptions of the viewer. By taking everyday objects as the motif of his art works, he wants everyone to relate to his art through his or her interaction of the object. Since everyone has different usage of the one object, everyone has their own interpretation of the artworks. Growing up in an era where digital quality has changed from extreme pixilation to hyper realistic, Masuda is trying to reverse this in the real world. From realistic items that has a unique shape, he simplifies it to simple cubes and pixels. Clay was used as the medium of his artwork to not only to change the way people normal view clay but also change the usage of clay. Instead of creating curve and smooth objects that are normally created by clay, he decides to scrap this idea and rebuild a lower resolution art work.

A Clay Representation of an Egg Cooking

Even though this type of artwork may seem a bit backwards, I am captivated with how he is able to use simple clay blocks to make people rethink the material of the artwork and the representation of artwork. Even though I am fascinated with how he conflicts the admirers of his art, I believe that he should also be able to expand on his medium and use different materials that have a more definitive form and deliver a more powerful statement. Many artist, designer, and architects should have the same ideas that Masuda is trying to convey and allow their work to inspire viewers to rethink their previous assumptions and way of thinking.

A Clay Representation of an Extruded Vase
A Clay Representation of a Pair of Shoes



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