Japan holds technological fascinations that are perhaps years ahead of US day-to-day technology. That’s why it’s no wonder why the world’s first digital art museum (by digital art collective teamLab and Mori Building)  opened in Tokyo, opening up a world that projects fantasy onto an immersive setting. The environment reflects child-like imagination and wonders, and although this does attract many children, it also engorges adults with elicited feelings of nostalgia.

A colorful and interactive light show

The exhibits also elicit feelings of awe and innocence due to the sheer beauty of the many colors that are on display. I thought that this is truly the most immersive work of art that I could ever encounter and that because the works requires and reacts to human interaction, that the art is truly an experience more than a medium. Perhaps it was the artists’ intentions to throw the audience’s visuals and to promote “thinking out of the box”.


Original Source: https://www.tokyoweekender.com/2018/06/a-world-first-mori-building-digital-art-museum-team-lab-borderless-opens-in-tokyo/

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