Joanne Lee – Looking Outward 02

One of the biggest attractions of New York City during the holiday season is the Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Light Show and holiday windows. As someone who grew up in northern New Jersey, I often went to the city to see this particular light show and it indicated the true start of the holidays. Although I was unable to find the name of the entire design team behind this brilliant light display, Fred Schwam is the CEO of the team. Schwam and his team have been installing this ten story tall light show since 2004 and change the light show every year.

In 2017, Saks Fifth Avenue and Disney collaborated for the 80th anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. This theme was mainly reflected in the shopping windows where they implemented 3d layering techniques to incorporate original art from the actual film. Schwam and his design team takes great care to put together this holiday display, taking nearly a year to plan and execute. The design team was very sensible in designing the Snow White characters in modern day fashion while also 3-D projecting original scenes from the movie. This combines a timeless classic with a modern day take.

3-D layering technique used in Snow White themed holiday windows display, collaboration between Saks Fifth Avenue x Disney


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