Katie Polhemus – Looking Outwards – 02

After scrolling through some of the sources provided, I became most inspired by the Dancing Robots installation at Cinder Gallery. The piece is inspired by the robotic arms producing cars at the Chrysler plant in Detroit, MI. I find it fascinating that the artists were able to produce such an abstract, thought provoking work of art out of something so mundane, materialistic, and consumer-driven.

The artists used their own custom hardware to detect vibrations in the sculpture, and their own custom application to add new points to triangles on any location of the projection. This allowed the artists to “dynamically change the projection configuration.”

This piece ties into this week’s theme of generative art by the fact that it is an interactivity-based sculpture. The audience is encouraged to listen to the music being played and to touch the sculpture; resulting, the live projections shift, and the music becomes “more immersive.”


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