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Cinemagraphs: When Face Tracking Meets Animated GIFs

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Created by Dr. Drew Woohoo. Titled CinemaGraph.Published March 11th, 2016.

CinemaGraph is an algorithm that generates animations around a selfie (picture of the face). I think it is really cool, especially given its relevance in today’s world. In fact, it similarly resembles tools like Snapchat and Instagram in the way it operates. I like to imagine it as a primitive version of the technology being employed, but admirable nonetheless given its context to what we’re learning in class now at an even more primal level.

From what I understand, the algorithm employs facial tracking algorithms that are able to pin certain defining features of any face inputted in order to overlay and appropriately warp certain elements on top of it accurately. I think the creators artistic abilities or sensibilities manifest in the algorithm through the overlays that are involved. Whether that be the ‘hipster’ overlay or the ‘portrait overlay’. Creating these overlays is just as tedious of a task as creating the algorithm that allows for such an overlay to naturally occur.

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