Miranda Luong- Looking Outwards-02

Bubbles Scanner 2 is a visual created by Dan Schiffman, the man behind Coding Train, a web series on Youtube. Using Processing, he created a loop in which stacks of “bubbles” are generated on top of each other. Each bubble is a different color with subtle transparency. I admire the fluidity of his visual; there is something very calming and melodic to it. This is most likely due to his pacing of the stacking which is slow and somewhat graceful. The positioning of the bubbles slightly change in horizontal position every time they are added creating mimicking natural motion, but never to the point that the stack looks like it should tilt over. From what I can guess, his code is continuously generating bubbles that draw on top of each other, with their vertical positions slightly increasing so that the bubbles look like there stacking. The artist’s intentionality is well received, which is what I most admire about his code, because although it is very simple, viewers understand the accuracy and detailed attention required to create such a graceful generative art.

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