Alexandra Kaplan – Looking Outwards – 03

3D printed seashells

One project I found while looking on the Digital Fabrication Flicker that is linked to on the course website really stood out to me. It is a project created by flickr user fdecomite who 3D prints seashells. These seashells seem to be so much like the real thing that at first I couldn’t believe they were 3D printed.
I am not sure how the different code and algorithms helped to make the seashells but I think it could use some sort of random pattern generator for the color and an algorithm for the ratios for the different parts of the shell. The art really shines through in the patterns on the shells and just how natural they seem. I can imagine it must have taken hours of studying seashells to understand the complex patterns that appear upon them.

Note: I tried to find a website for the artist but was unable to.

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