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Generative Design – The Water Cube in Beijing

Exterior View of The Water Cube

The Water Cube is the perfect prove that the generative design provides a powerful opportunity for architecture to explore new ideas and techniques regarding structure. Generative design becomes a new introduced grammar in architecture. Moreover, with the help of generative design techniques, architects can explore the relationship between environment and structure. For example, in The Water Cube, during the day the building mostly rely on natural light and safes 55% of the energy for lighting. Also, the envelope is built with 3065 blue air cushions with customized sizes that can withhold the 20% of solar energy. With the solar energy reserves, it can be used to heat the swimming pools. In addition, 80% of the rain can be collected by the facade and be recycled and reused.

Interior View of The Water Cube

Source Link: https://www.arup.com/projects/chinese-national-aquatics-center

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