Looking Outwards – 03 Min Lee

Skyline is a computer-generative music video by Raven Kwok created using many core principles which were used to generate beautiful visual patterns, one of the principles being Voronol tesselation, a geometric model that is used by many computational artists. The geometric patterns in the music video create a behavioral diagram that shifts itself not only according to the audio of the song but also to the animated sequences of the vocalist singing.

What I find amazing about this project is the artist’s ability to use large amounts of geometric shapes to seamlessly create visual stimulation to represent not only the instrumental, but to also use those same shapes to create a smoky figure of the vocalist. The vocalist’s face is fully recognizable as a person if not only for a split second before once again seamlessly changing into an array of different shapes and inkblot-like figures. The creator’s artistry shines through in his ability to not only create computer-generative, but to also use music as a part of his medium.

Source: http://parametricworld.tumblr.com/post/129838926923/prostheticknowledge-skyline-music-video-for

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