Katherine Hua – Looking Outwards-04

Niklas Roy created a generative sound synthesizer in 2010 that he named “Vektron Modular” that acts as a pocket sound performer.  It is a playback machine in which compositions are stored on microcontroller modules. The compositions can then be played. The modules in this are programmed so that the device is able to produce sound through algorithms stored within the modules. This sound synthesizer device interface was inspired by the PlayStation controllers.

Sound modules with algorithms stored within them

Through this algorithmic synthesizer, Niklas Roy is able to explore the binary structures within music and compare different rhythmic patterns and number systems for counting the beat. The user of the synthesizer can alter the parameters of the algorithm producing the sound by moving the joystick around. I think this project of his really peaked my interest because of how there is a visual experience that reflect the movements of the sound through computational algorithms.

Using the joystick to navigate through the computational soundscapes

“Vektron Modular” by Niklas Roy, 2010

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