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Air Max Promo Video

Nike’s Air Max 2017 launch utilizes 3D computer and motion graphics in an incredibly captivating way by playing with a diverse range of textures, interesting use of negative spaces, and metaphorical explorations of air and “lightness”. As with other Nike marketing and products, there is an immense team dedicated to all aspects of the creation of these ads and fine-tuning all the details, so the end result is nothing short of being incredibly hyper realistic. Nike creates a variety of different styles of the Nike Air Max by composing it through several different 3D computer graphic “mediums”, such as colored sand, toothpaste like texture, gum like strings, soft bunched up fabric, physical air balloon pockets, rubber sole like material, and so on. In addition, because many of these 3D computer graphics also evolved into motion graphics, they enabled another dimension in where the viewer could understood how the “material” behaved and reacted to gravity, pressure, and tension.

Air Max 2017
Air Max 2017 example
Air Max 2017 Campaign
Air Max 2017 Campaign cont.

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