Sophie Chen – Looking Outwards – 05

TedX Sydney 2018 – Rich Nosworthy

Still from the final video (TEDx Sydney Love Is Love)

Rich Nosworthy is a 3D motion designer located in Auckland, New Zealand. TedX Sydney 2018, directed by Scott Geerson, explores the theme of humankind and takes the audience through museum galleries where the past, present and future collides. At first glance, I had no idea that the entire video was created through 3D motion graphics with Cinema4D. Seeing sculptures that are traditionally still and in museums be animated and put in an entirely new setting successfully conveyed the theme of evaluating our current place within humanity’s short timeline. I think Nosworthy not only did a beautiful job with the motion graphics, but also used it in a meaningful way in that he created something that combined computer graphics with something that we associate with history and the past, mixing classical art with modern subjects.

Process of one of the clips created for TEDx Sydney 2018.


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