Hunky-Dunky Creative Studio

Hunky Dunky is a creative design studio based in Spain, that specializes in 3D art and animation.

Animation from Summer Diary collection

I am completely mesmerized by this studio’s animation and design style. This design studio uses a combination of rendering and illustration techniques. Rendering is the process of adding shading, texture, and color to a drawing that creates a realistic form. Using rendering software, which is a hardware based process, 2D images become 3D.

Rendering from Summer Diary Collection

The artists, 3D Artist Yonito Tanu and Art Director Jessica Chapiness, refer to their medium as CGI. CGI is computer generated imagery which refers to a non-static image, such as the dynamic animation we see in CGI rendered movies. This dynamic form of CGI relies on algorithms that triangulate surfaces, often based on fractal algorithms that recursively zoom in further to smaller triangles.

In in interview with ballpitmag, the artists stated that they intend on “creating surreal worlds we wish to live in.” With their use of color, form, and hyper-realism- the artists have definitely drawn viewers into their surreal world.

See more of their work here:


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