Looking Outward – 05

Computer Graphics and 3D Representation

Architectural Applications and Platform Sandbox V.2: The Pixel Monster

Sean McGadden

Little Black Box is a a platform for sharing the work of designers, artist and architects. They are an open source platform that essentially expose the work of many talented young professionals and new graduates. This project, The Pixel Monster, evolved using a program called Platform Sandbox. This software uses architectural assemblage to generate forms and structures that can then be montaged. The Pixel Monster specifically is an instillation intended to be a community center at the “Europa Garten” in Frankfurt, Germany.


The author of this project is Kishan Kumar Thasma Seshier Kuppusamy is an architect from Frankfurt Germany practicing expressive innovative techniques and trying to break from conventional use and forms to generate structures creating real interaction and mystery. This project is highly experimental as there are not many structural members explored and it does start to indulge the viewers and participants in the many possibilities that can come from generative form.

I admire the way he is able to divulge, in these drawings, a clearly defined sense of space and emotion. This project is seeking to be a community center and reunite members from adjacent neighborhoods. I can see the way that it pulls from different directions to explore a central catalyst for social interaction and exploration. This was mainly generated using Sandbox and later post processed. The techniques for generating the form are interesting because they are both random and calculated at the same time. The branches of the project start to imply space and function but continue to intrigue as to what they are really trying to accomplish. Enjoy this render the author has made to truly emphasize the many implications of this project has in a context of calm or chaos…

ADDED: Platform Sandbox was developed by a man named Damjan Jovanovic he is a very talented artist, designer and architect. Here is a small video on his work and the nature of the Sandbox platform. It creates some really cool visualizations and animations.

Link to Damjam’s website and the Pixel Monster on Little Black Box.



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