Xindi Lyu-Looking outwards 06

The Emotionally Charged Paintings Lee Krasner Created

This painting was made between 1959 to 1962 by female artist Lee Krasner, following the death of her husband Jackson Pollock in a fatal car crash. Krasner at the period of time was going through a rough stage of her life with the emotional impact of the death of her mother and the attention drawn to her because of the death of Pollock. These were reflected in the painting with the dense curves covered with knots and slashes painted in the restricted tones of brown and white, as a they were once described by the critic Amei Wallach as having the “impact of a hurricane.”

This painting really inspired me because the randomness of it has brilliantly and accurately expressed the emotion of its author. It showed the how randomly generated drawing being more expressive and full of impact while being dynamic and unpredictable. This art piece also was only consist of the simplest element such as strokes and slashes, which led to further possibilities of creating an art piece full of volume but only with simple techniques and elements.

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