Min Jun Kim- Project 7 Curves

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Min Jun Kim
Project 7

//This project draws a 3D model of spherial spiral

//how many points there are
var nPoints = 500;
//used for dragging
var dragging = false;

function setup() {
    createCanvas(480, 480, WEBGL);

function draw() {
    // draw the frame
    rect(-width/2+3, -height/2+3, width-6, height-6); 
    //a circle that follows the mouse
    ellipse(mouseX-width/2,mouseY-height/2, 50,50);

    // draws the curve
    //rotate on z axis automatically, rotate x and y when clicked
    rotateZ(millis() / 8000);
    if (dragging == true) {
    	rotateX((mouseX-width/2) / 500);
	    rotateY((mouseY-height/2) / 500);
    //calls drawing function.

function drawSphericalSpiral() {
    // Spherical Spiral
    // http://mathworld.wolfram.com/SphericalSpiral.html
    //initialize points
    var x;
    var y;
    var z;
    //complexity depends on mouse
    var ph = mouseX / 10000.0;
    //transparent fill
    fill(255, 200, 200,3);
    for (var i = 0; i < nPoints; i++) {
        var t = map(i, 0, nPoints, 0, TWO_PI);        
        x = 80*cos(i)/Math.pow(1+ph*ph*t*t,1/2);
        y = 80*sin(i)/Math.pow(1+ph*ph*t*t,1/2);
        z = 80*-ph*i/Math.pow(1+ph*ph*t*t,1/2);
        vertex(x, y, z);

function mousePressed() {
	dragging = true;

function mouseReleased() {
	dragging = false;

At first, I didn’t quite understand how to use mathematical functions to draw, but after messing around with the vertices, I learned the basics of it. I messed around with various functions, but I wanted to use a more complex curve. I then tried to implement a 3D function and the one that I liked the most was a spherical spiral. I thought that the shape was interesting in the drawings I found online. I realized that it doesn’t look exactly like that image I found online, which can possibly partly be attributed to the lack of negative values available in the functions, but I think that it still looks very interesting. The constant rotation made me dizzy so I implemented a dragging function so that it looks much simpler from one side. From the z axis, it looked like a regular circle so I made the coloring of it more transparent so that the planes are more see-through. I think the project turned out great and it taught me a lot about how to draw in javascript.

Here are some iterations where I was messing around with the numbers and variables in the function.

Process documentation 1.
Process documentation 2.

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