Looking Outwards – 08


Lemercier is a French artist that studies and focuses his works on our perception of light projection in space. His projection performance, some of them live, have been seen throughout the world starting in 2006. He has an interest in physical structions along with light mapping. He founded a visual label, AntiVJ, with a partner in 2008; and has kept it going until 2013.  He then founded a new studio in Brussels, which focused on development and research of installations and experiments using light projection in space. His past works include working for Mutek, a music festival in which he worked with stage design, Flying Lotus and Portishead’s Adrian Utley – both whom are artists, and others. Starting in 2010, Lemercier focused more on installations and gallery work. From then, his works/projects have been exhibited at the China Museum of Digital Art, The Sundance Film Festival, and the Art Basel Miami.

Joanie Lemercier relates to his audience by including his process/initial works throughout his talk/videos. The audience is able to follow how he got to his next iterations/prototypes and the direction he takes next. His works fascinate me because he uses light as a medium and space as a canvas. I have never thought of using light as a medium before, but more of a tool/accessory. I really admired his thoughts and his process works, especially the ones shown on his twitter because they are raw and offers me fresh perspectives on material and tools. When he drew landscapes initially, he knew that something was missing. He was inspired by real time and space events of certain moments and used light to give it more living qualities and dynamics through moving projections.

Eye of Festival – Joanie Lemercier: Vimeo video shown above

Joanie Lemercier: A brief introduction on the eye of festival website

Lemercier’s Twitter: Click to see additional images of his projects

Nimbes Project: A teaser video showcasing Nimbes, an audiovisual piece.

Nimbes: Link to project

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