Christine Seo – Looking Outwards 08

Caption: Artist talk on Instint from Eyeo Festival

Kate Hollenbach is an artist, programmer, and educator from Los Angeles, California. She develops and examines interactive systems and new technologies relating body, gesture, and physical space. She designs and builds interactive experiences for collaborative spaces and acts as the Director of Design & Computation at Oblong Industries. Kate has a MFA from UCLA and a Bachelor of Science from MIT, as she studied Design Media Arts and Computer Science and Engineering.

In this project, Instint, she designed a platform that lives in the real environment around us and displays people’s interaction with each other and the space. The installation uses interfaces animate to illustrate activity, connection through spacial and gestural interactions in the product to build a software that makes interactions in a higher scale. She is able to effectively describe her work by communicating to the audience her intentions and going step by step to explain the process.She also shows various perspectives of the work, where the functions are revealed as she goes through the talk. Most importantly, she is very engaged in her work, which can be shown in her speech. I can learn from this that being engaged and having passion for what I make can make a difference to the audience when it comes to presenting works of my own.

I thought that this project was very interesting how she was able to create something that can relate to the nature around us. I think it is fascinating to see something that is a digital media, to come out of the screen and actually communicate in the world around humans. At first, it reminded me of having different monitor screens on the computer and being able to drag windows into different screens. However, this project is something that speaks more than having connected screens interact. It makes the digital world seem more accessible in our time and space.

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