Curran Zhang- Looking Outwards- 8

Reza Ali is a man who identifies himself as an explorer, designer, engineer, and researcher who pushes the limit of computational designs to achieve a new level of workflow. Beginning his career as an electrical and mechanical engineer, he began to branch outwards towards art and digital designs. His main workflow varies, but his core ideology is being able to switch between different mediums to produce the best product. One example he talks about is his project, Voronoi Puzzles. Within this project, it was important for him to start with codes and computational design, which would lead to him 3D printing. With 3D printing, he would begin working through a physical workflow, which would once again be put into a digital workflow. By learning new programs, he could easily turn his digital works into reality with his extensive works with 3D printers and CNC routers.

As architecture students in CMU, we have access to a wide range of digital fabrication machines to help bring our ideas to life. By transcending different workflows, he was able to improve his design constantly and improve his skill sets quality and quantity wise. Reza’s way of working is a complex yet very effective way of designing. Not only are just designers, but also an engineer that uses different codes and programs to help achieve our best design.


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