Looking Outwards 08 – Min Lee

Meejin Yoon is a Korean-American architect and designer that co-founded Höweler+Yoon Architecture, a firm that uses design practices across the domains of architecture, urban design, public space, immersive experience, and design strategy. The firm is based out of Boston, Massachusetts and Munich, Germany.

What I admire about Yoon’s work is the way she chooses to deconstruct the ideas of private and public space by redefining these concepts. Most of her works shown in her talk feature interactions between people, technology, and public/personal space. One of her most stimulating works to me was her public project, Shadow Play, for creating a public parasol as opposed to a private one by utilizing the shape of the Mobius strip (a concept that Yoon is fascinated with) to create shade in a public place.

In her talk, she chooses to use many visual aids and categorizing to break down her speech in an easier way for her audience to understand the range and depth of her work.


Source: https://vimeo.com/channels/eyeo2015/133608603

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