Curran Zhang- Looking Outwards- 9

For this week’s Looking Outwards, I found an interesting art piece founded by Shirley Chen. Created by Refik Anadol Studio, the project is called “Melted Memories”.

The main concept of the art piece was to use cognitive controls to create an artwork from our memories. By collecting brain waves and extracting the data, abstract and organic pieces of art are created.  This method allows people to have a physical representation of something that is intangible. The memory used to create the art piece was to be a piece of memory from childhood. This would allow different users to have a specific piece of art that is distinct.

Depiction of One Memory From an Individual

I agree with Shirley that this art piece is an amazing piece to help illustrate something that is non-tangible. By doing so, the usage of different computational methods can help enhance this field of art expression.

Extracting Data From Brain Waves


Melting Memories – Drawing neural mechanisms of cognitive control

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