Julie Choi – Looking Outwards – 09

This project was shed light on Sophia Kim’s Looking Outwards for Week 3.

Hyper-Toroidal Deep Surface, Sean Ahlquist, Prof. Achim Menges, Boyan Mihaylov, Viktoriya Nicolova, from seminar Deep Surface Morphologies.

This is one of the many pieces of artworks by Sean Ahlquist who is an expert architecture professor within the fields of interactive systems and computational media at the University of Michigan. This initially caught my eyes because of the intricate details of form within the art piece. I learned that this piece was created through a Java-based framework to represent multiple membrane systems that represent the delicacy in our human body. I also enjoyed Sophia’s personal view on this project how it reminded her of knowledge of DNA molecules that she learned in high school. I would have also really enjoyed her take on analyzing the specific process of this sculpture and what the artist’s intentions were when developing the project.

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