Curran Zhang- Looking Outwards- 10

A female practitioner that caught my attention is the architect, Meejin Yoon. One project that i found very interesting is a design competition entry, the +(plus) Bridge. The project was designed with the efforts of Eric Howeler and J. Meejin Yoon to help promote the vibrant lifestyle on the river in Boston. By connecting different modes of transportation, the structure was to increase activity for harbor viewing and waterway crossing. People are given the chance to go abroad on an infrastructure that extends out into the river. With green features and various sitting areas, more public spaces are encouraging people to come out.

Site Plan of the Infrastructure

The reason this project got my attention is because our architecture studio semester project is about reviving a site within the Allegheny river. This project sparks various ideas that would help be draw people onto a site that is quite secluded. Mashing up green properties and various properties to increase human activity is a great idea to revitalize my site.

Combination of Green Features and Seats

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