Xiaoying Meng Looking Outwards 10

I’m looking at Mary Franck’s work for this Looking Outwards. Mary Franck is a female artist who works on real-time media and computational design. She studied BA Studio Art: Conceptual and Information Art at San Francisco State University and MDesR: Emerging Systems Technology and Media at SCI-Arc. She now teaches workshops and taught Emerging Technology Studio at Standford University in 2016.

I’m very interested in this particular project of hers, called Diffuse Objects. This project explores digital ornamentation and showcases light and translucence of material. I think the contrast between glass and wood really makes this project interesting. In a gif on her website, we can see light moving through the glass balls, reflecting light waves. Digital exploration creates endless possibilities for ornamentations. The organic form of the wood makes it looks like the piece is growing out of the panel.

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