Austin Treu – Project 10


/*Austin Treu
  Section B

var xStart = 0, buzz, buzzY;
var buzzLink = '';

function preload(){
    buzz = loadImage(buzzLink);

function setup() {
    createCanvas(480, 480);
    buzzY = height/2;

function draw() {
    //make the stars
    for(var x = xStart; x < width+xStart; x+=10){
            var y1 = noise(x)*height;
            var y2 = noise(x+10)*height/4;
            var y3 = noise(x+10)*3*height/4;
            var y4 = noise(x+10)*height*2;
            point(x-xStart, y1);
            point(x-xStart, y2);
            point(x-xStart, y3);
            point(x-xStart, y4);

    //buzz rocketing through space
    image(buzz, width/5, (15*noise((width/5+xStart)))+height/2);

    /*create and move planets
    var py = int(random(height));
    var pSize = int(random(10,100));
    var r = int(random(0, 255));
    var g = int(random(0, 255));
    var b = int(random(0, 255));
    var pCol = 'rgb('+r+','+g+','+b+')';

    //move screen

I went into this project with an empty mind, searching for an idea. I opened up a new tab and went to a newsfeed and saw a headline about space. This took me in the direction I ultimately went. The stars were not too difficult to add, I just had to figure out how to utilize noise() to achieve what I wanted. After some trial and error, I decided that I wanted more on the screen, so I set out to find an image of a spaceship. That led me to a picture of an astronaut, which led me to the picture of Buzz Lightyear that I used. I intended to include some planets, but was unable to complete that, so this project is entitled ‘Buzz Flies Through Deep Space’.

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