Looking Outwards – 11

Denial of Service: “Onryō”

I found this project really interesting because the visual artist, Palmer Eldritch, combined a series of tech-noir chaos, their reactivity, and rotoscoping into his video and audio outputs. The sequences are made possible through the use of Max/Jitter with a bunch of different visual elements that are made by softwares like Ready, After Effects, GForce Suite, 3DSMax/VRay, Sound Forge/Waves, and many others.  This work was also possible courtesy of Paul Fennell through his creations made on Max/Jitter. Eldritch made changes and modified an open source code to suit his thoughts and the direction of his project. As a result, many overlays were a result of experimentation with noise patterns and sonifications courtesy of Tomasz Sulej.

Article: by FilipVisnjic, January 3rd, 2017

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