Shirley Chen-LookingOutwards-12

For my project, I want to integrate music or beat making into it. I have several apps for beat and music making that I really like. As precedents for my final project, I did research for two of them.
The first one is Incredibox  . It is a music app and website that the player can create different songs or beats by adding or removing people from a band. Each person represents an instrument or sound effect, including percussion, voices, guitar, piano, etc. By managing this band the player can create very cool mixtures. It really attracts me because it allows the players to create an A cappella from instruments and sound effects, creating amazing and unexpected mixture of layers of sounds.


The other precedent I really like is a beat making app called iMASCHINE 2. It is  a hardware/software digital audio workstation developed by Native Instruments. Users assign drum kits, instruments and sounds from the included library, to each of the controller’s 16 pads, and can manipulate sounds further by applying effects and plugins. The software also includes tools to capture and manipulate audio samples in real time.


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