Alexandra Kaplan – Looking Outwards – 12

Video of Samsung’s “The Frame”

The two projects I am focusing on for this week’s Looking Outwards is Samsung’s “The Frame” and a piece called “All the Minutes”. These pieces are very different from each other, but they both are somewhat connected to what I want to do for my final project, an interactive tv set. Samsung’s “The Frame”, created by the company Leo Burnett Sydney, takes place in an art gallery, but some of the paintings/photographs are actually tv’s with which people interact with videos on them. The videos also interact with each other. I think that it is a really fun idea, but I feel like they could have invested more in the quality of the painting videos and tried to disguise them better.

The piece ‘All the Minutes’, created by Studio Puckey, is a clock that uses tweets with a specific time in them. I think that it is much more effective than Samsung’s project, even if it is so different. It is fun to watch the different tweets as the times change throughout the day.

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