Judy Li-Project-12-Proposal

For the final project, I would like to do an animation with sound. I wasn’t sure what kind of animation I wanted to do, but I am deciding between my routine/ritual or a short animation of a film that I really like. I would start the canvas with a white background and have a title that shows up through a darker opacity after ‘x’ amount of seconds. And then, the animation would start. I would like to have my character exactly in the middle and having the background/foreground move around her. To make different backgrounds of the animation, I would have a start time and an end time for each background and the objects in the background/foreground. To make this project all flow together, I would like to digitally draw the characters using a style that I like.

Spirited Away

The image above is what I would imagine my animation to be like. The link to the animation is here.

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