Jacky’s LookingOutwards 07

a slient place — jonathan harris

Mix Media Photography by Jonathan Harris

For this art project, Jonathan’s initial idea was to make a project that incorporates ideas of ancient language. He thought that since drawings and photographies would be presented wordlessly, therefore viewers would be free to integrate their own interpretations.

Moreover,  Jonathan felt that the Internet has become a cacophony, where its promise of informational omniscience no longer feels plausible and desirable. Since he has always fascinated by the concept of “oracles” in shaping human thoughts. He referenced some of the ancient work in different countries — augury (in ancient Rome), the I Ching (in China), the Tarot (in Europe), and Rorschach tests (in western psychology). Jonathan wants to create ambiguity in the rational mind in order to unlock views subconscious, stimulating their own insights to arise.

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