Margot Gersing – Looking Outwards 12

When looking for projects that inspired me for my final project I came across a collection of projects called interactive haikus. This is a collection of very short interactive pieces. They are inspired by the short and concise mastering of haikus. This collection is curated by William Uricchio a professor of Comparative Media Studies at MIT and MIT game lab.

All 12 of the videos are really simple but fun and exciting. I want my final project to be a simple and playful. These projects also follow a loose narrative through the imagery and sound.

One haikus I really liked was Cat’s Cradle by Thibaut Duverneix, David Drury, Jean-Maxime Couillard and Stephane Poirier. It is a interactive constellation builder combined with a interactive musical instrument. I like how the user gets to control what is happening and create their own music/experience. It is also very intuitive and simple. The use of sound is also really effective here.

Cat’s Cradle interactive haiku
scene from seasonal stroller

The other project that I was inspired by was called The Seasonal Stroller by Theo Le De Fuentes and Illustrated by Barbra Govin. This project simulates walking on a path and going on a little journey. Again, I love how simple and peaceful this project is. The is more of a narrative used in this piece. This project also has little hidden surprises throughout, which is something I want to incorporate in mine.

Seasonal stroller on desktop (app meant for ipad)

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