Ammar Hassonjee – Looking Outwards 11

“Moving Image” from the Transfer Gallery in LA. This is from the Augmented Wallpaper project by Claudia Hart.

For this post, I chose to focus on the work of an artist named Claudia Hart. She uses technology to make explorations with the recurring theme of “identity art”, in which her work explores body issues, perception, and the relationship between nature and technology. She studied art history at NYU and a Masters of Architecture from Columbia, and then taught 3D art exploration at the School of Art Institute in Chicago. She currently works out of New York and Chicago.

A project of hers that I chose to focus on is her exploration of a series of Augmented Reality wallpapers that display captivating images of art. Over these wallpapers, viewers can use their smartphones to overlay different images and animations over the wallpapers. The animations themselves are embedded in code in the app that activates when the camera moves over the wallpaper. A link to her project can be found here.

A video showing the how the animation layer is on top of the wallpapers.

Author: Ammar Hassonjee

I am a third year architecture student.

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