LO: 3D Graphics

For this week’s project, I chose a project is the 2009 sci-movie called Avatar by James Cameron. I chose this project because I am really astonished by the hyperrealistic yet magical graphics present in this project. For example, the facial graphics of Avatars, the ‘Pandora’ environment, the majestical animals present in this said environment etc. All these amazing photorealistic graphics present in the movie are computer generated using technologies like motion capture animation, which were developed with a lot of effort and thought. The facial expressions of the Avatars were created by designing customized skull caps for each individual actor which different small scaled technological objects embedded in these caps, which collect data and transmit it to the computers.
Elements like the environmental lighting for ‘Pandora’ and highlights and shadows etc. are made using new systems that were developed using computational algorithms and motion and performance capture tech.

Link to the movie ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron – https://www.avatar.com/movies/avatar/

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