More Generative Artists

People & Resources: Algorithmic/Generative Arts

Here is a partial list of algorithmic, computational and generative artists. Many of the first generation of computer artists, sometimes also known as Algorists, worked in this way. (Post a private message on Piazza if you find a missing/broken link in this list.)

Generative Artists – 1st Generation (active since late 1960s)

Generative Artists – 2nd Generation (active since early ’80s)

Generative Artists – 3rd Generation (active since late 1990s)

Historic & Contemporary Resources

  • Ruth Leavitt’s 1975 book Artist and Computer, now online, is an excellent snapshot of computer/algorithmic/generartive arts from ~1965-1975.
  • The Digital Art Museum [DAM] in Berlin has an excellent overview of historic works.
  • The GeneratorX blog, maintained by Marius Watz, is a comprehensive gateway to contemporary practice in this area.
  • Casey Reas has created a marvellous exploration of Software Structures at Whitney Artport.
  • A fantastic web site of Generative Art Links by Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen.
  • The ReCode Project invites people to port older works into new languages.
  • The Written Images project, a generative book.