Final Project – conniek

My program is a game that covers the theme of climate change. The player gets to freely control an iceberg across a body of water that will try to collect 7 renewable energy to increase in size and win. However, if it hits a fossil fuel in the form of pollution, it will break resulting in the player losing. I was inspired by the snake game, but I decided to change some elements. Instead, there is an obstacle, the pollution, that bounces around the canvas, the iceberg gets bigger than longer, and the iceberg gets to move freely rather than straight lines. If I had more time, I would’ve added different types of renewable energy, so that whenever it spawns or respawns it would be a different renewable energy. I just have the water renewable energy that represents hydropower energy in my program. I would have also added a moving and animating element in the water to make it seem like the ocean was moving, I would have made the iceberg have more detail like ripples as it moves across the water, and also maybe some sounds. If I could, I would also have included more secure randomization in the movement of the obstacle.

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