LO: 3D Computer Graphics

The project I was particularly struck by while looking through 3D artists is called “Transit” and was created by Michael Kim, or maikoolk, as his social media handles read. It’s a render of what is supposed to look like the inside of a train car, with certain labels of the train car being changed to represent details relevant to his personal life, or simply to take on personal meaning to him. Across the walls of the car are writings in graffiti, that also seem to carry personal meanings to him.

All in all I found it admirable that he took his talent in creating 3D graphics and
used it to create a piece of artwork that held personal meaning to him, in a way
creating this unique and personable artifact for himself. Besides that, it was very cool to see the amount of detail that he was putting into his work. Everything from the detail in the lighting to the texture of the walls and seats. There seemed to be a very particular grainy and moody look he was going for in his work and it all came out very nicely.


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