LO – 5

Within 3D computer graphics there are many different applications and possible uses for the various modeling programs that are used to create them. One person who works in 3D computer graphics is Mike Winkelmann, also known as “beeple”. Beeple is a digital artist who works with many different programs to create 3D images as well as drawing 3D images himself. He has been a digital artist for over 20 years and has done projects like “Everydays” since. Specifically, these “everydays” are digital art pieces in which he forces himself to create a new one everyday. I admire these projects because they’re all so different and oftentimes very bizarre. The algorithms that he uses are in programs like ‘Blender’ or ‘Toon Boom’. These programs are so powerful and allow him to model very precise things and produce high quality renderings at the end. He’s a very unique and outgoing artist and these sensibilities really manifest themselves in the crazy ideas that he creates. This specific image is one of those everydays that I like most. 

Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/24/arts/design/christies-beeple-nft.html

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