LO: My Inspiration

Genshin Impact is an incredibly popular RPG that can be played for free on your phone. I love that I can explore the large and beautiful environments even on mobile. Often, video games of this scale are not available on a phone because it doesn’t have the processing power or there isn’t a good market. Since I do not own many consoles and my laptop is not good at running games, I love that I am able to experience a detailed game like Genshin. I know that Genshin Impact is developed by a fairly large team, and they release a new update every 6 weeks. These updates involve new playable characters, new places to explore, and frequent events to earn rare items. The Genshin team works hard to produce updates on time and without bugs, which I really appreciate. I have no clue what software is used for Genshin, but it’s something they’ve been able to optimize for multiple platforms, which is super cool. Many speculate that Genshin Impact was inspired by Breath of the Wild. Both possess a similar stamina mechanism for climbing cliffs and gliders to travel through the air. I hope that more high quality games are released for mobile so then I can play them 🙂

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