Final Project – conniek

My program is a game that covers the theme of climate change. The player gets to freely control an iceberg across a body of water that will try to collect 7 renewable energy to increase in size and win. However, if it hits a fossil fuel in the form of pollution, it will break resulting in the player losing. I was inspired by the snake game, but I decided to change some elements. Instead, there is an obstacle, the pollution, that bounces around the canvas, the iceberg gets bigger than longer, and the iceberg gets to move freely rather than straight lines. If I had more time, I would’ve added different types of renewable energy, so that whenever it spawns or respawns it would be a different renewable energy. I just have the water renewable energy that represents hydropower energy in my program. I would have also added a moving and animating element in the water to make it seem like the ocean was moving, I would have made the iceberg have more detail like ripples as it moves across the water, and also maybe some sounds. If I could, I would also have included more secure randomization in the movement of the obstacle.

Looking Outwards 05: 3D Computer Graphics

I admire the project named Supermassive Blackhole by Nika Maisuradze because of the way they created the feeling of 3D even though it is just a 2D image. The details in this piece to create the illusion of a black hole actually being there are really well done. The color schemes incorporated into this piece are also put together nicely to make it seem surreal and 3D. The highlights in some parts creating emphasis on things help create movement within the piece as well. I know the Nika used the software called Blender and Blackmagic Design Fusion. The feeling of a black hole that Nika wanted is really shown with the way the atmosphere and the background are transparent in some places and just opaquely black in others.

conniek – 04 – LO

I think Ryoji Ikeda’s The Planck Universe is a project I admire because of the vivid contrasting colors of white, black, grey, and red. The number of details in this imposing large-scale audiovisual installation is phenomenal. The small blood-red pixels help make an emphasis to the audience about the concept of Plank length. The piece makes the person looking at it seem like a part or fragment of the cosmos in the monochromatic background filled with abstract red speckled pixels. Using code and sound, he creates visual abstract motions to release his artistic point of view and ideas that avoid a philosophical perspective so that the audience is able to have their own opinions and experience.

conniek – Project-03: Dynamic Drawing

During this project, I decided to make circles expand and contract as it follows the mouse. Then the background color would change gradually to black but back to white with a click of the mouse. Also, every time the mouse was clicked left or right of the canvas the rotating squares would be moving towards the left top corner or the bottom right corner.


This project is something that I find inspirational because of the movements that it has and the way the colors are used to create depth in this piece. Linden Gledhill, the photographer of this piece, used high-speed cameras that reflected off the moving water which change the motions of the waves. The light that is reflected helps change the color of the waves. The vibrations were the cause in helping the wave patterns to shift, and depending on higher or lower the frequencies the more complicated the patterns turn out to be. I suppose they used the camera to be able to record the wave changing. The artist uses his sensibilities in this piece getting inspired by Michael Faraday’s study on Faraday Waves to be able to focus on the different shapes and colors that were formed through just the pattern of water forming on the surface through the effects of vibrations on it.

Project-02: Variable Faces; Face Variables

During this project, I decided to use the codes from my self-portrait and use that to create different variables of faces. I made each click to change the features of eyes, hair color, and face shape. I tried to make the mouse clicks change the mouth shape, but unfortunately, I couldn’t make it so.

LO 02: Generative Art

I admire this project because of the depths and detail it contains with the use of only one color and shape. The number of layers that this project has creates the sense of depths and shades of red because of the overlap of different red circles. She used generative and computational systems, and her primary material is coding. She also likes to combine the use of traditional art with the aesthetics of algorithms and thinks the translation between art and coding is like a conversation. Her fluid concepts against the formal written coding to generate the precise images are repeated until she is satisfied with the final artwork. In her conceptual art, she likes to characterize it with minimalist and simple qualities like the many red circles that are layered over and over again in this artwork. She likes to focus on the translation of her conceptual thoughts and creativity through computations to create the abstract forms, movements, and colors in many of her artworks.