LO: my inspiration <3

My favourite video game is League of Legends, which I would consider to be a form of interactive and computational art. While it is mostly developer-driven,
one of the main reasons I came to love the game so much was Riot Games’ founding philosophy: to let the game be player-influenced and free to play. To my knowledge, Riot Games made the game entirely on their own, and the idea came from two bright minds fresh from developing a popular Warframe 3 mod, DOTA. It took four years to develop, and it was finally released in 2009. Having kept their loyal fanbase from DOTA excited for a new game, League of Legends was an instant success. Riot went from a small indie game company to a well-known studio, boasting a sizeable team of just under 3,000 employees.
League wasn’t the first game of its kind in any way. However, its incredible staying power has transformed the realm of possibilities for video games.

Riot Games

League of Legends - Scholastic Esports | PlayVS
League of Legends title screen via https://images.prismic.io/play-vs/6c423286e877921fb6659122b16e1845df833e1f_league-of-legends-hero-splash.jpg?auto=compress,format

LO: My inspiration

I am AI” (2018) by Taryn Southern

A project that I find interesting is a music album called “I Am AI.” This album was created by Taryn Southern, and was the first album by a solo artist composed and produced with AI. Taryn Southern used machine learning to produce composition. She used many commercial tools, one such example being Amper, an AI music composition company. Because of my love for both music and technology, I find this project very interesting. This project also shows a glimpse of what could be created in the future. Imagine having an almost infinite choice of new updated music from genres you enjoy, constantly being created by AI. In an age where everyone loves pumping new and improved content into their heads, this would definitely being interesting and well accepted by the public.

Taryn Southern, the creator of “I Am AI”