Shannon Case LookingOutwards-01

light instillation


Commissioned by the Bring To Light Festival NYC, this instillation (called “The Company”) is a sound reactive light installation by Nocte, in collaboration with designer Roland Ellis. 76 tungsten lamps are suspended to form an arch, and when music is played the lamps react to the sound. Each lamp is digitally controlled, which allows these animations to be created by the live audio. The piece is intended to bring the atmosphere of the architectural history of the building, which is it’s legacy as an industrial environment. My favorite thing about this instillation is the beautiful calming atmosphere it provides. I think that video is absolutely the most stunning documentation for this piece, as it provides the viewer much more insight into the way that the piece works, as well as the general ambiance of the instillation. I really admire that they were able to use advanced technology to create a piece that is simply beautiful, and appears to be magical. It’s not easy to guess how it works, and that mystery is part of the beauty of the piece. I think one thing they could improve on is the documentation, I wish they had more than one video of the piece, and documented how the atmosphere changed depending on what music was played.

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