Jinhee Lee – Looking Outwards 03


“SUV,” by Dot San, uploaded in 2016.

The author, dubbed Dot San, used an online 3D modeler software called “Rhino 3D.” Based on the look of this particular image, as well as some of his other scale models being covered with white grid patterns, I guessed that the technique at work was polygon mesh, a technique in 3D animation where character models’ textures are composed of massive numbers of polygons (the vertices of which can be repositioned) that round out to give an organic shape. To my surprise, this was not the case.

Rhino 3D actually uses what’s called the NURBS (Non-uniform rational Basis spline) mathematical model, which calculates precise representation of curves and other freeform surfaces. To be more specific, according to its info page, surfaces generated by NURBS are “functions of two parameters mapping to a surface in three-dimensional space,” the shape of which is “determined by control points” computed by taking a weighted sum of the control points.

For some of his works, Dot San has scaled down their size by a selected factor and sent the model into a 3D printer. I imagine he does this so that, with a zoomed in perspective, he can afford more detail to the model which would translate into the printed object. I appreciate this touch of subtlety.

Link to specific model in blog post.
Link to a Photostream of author’s work.

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